How should we describe the Air Jordan 11 shoe? A watershed in basketball shoe design in the 90s; the most popular Air Jordan basketball shoe; recorded the opening of the second Triple Crown; the love of its creator Tinker Hatfield; a must-have on the Dream List for all sneaker lovers around the world ; Jordan's own favorite pair of signature shoes and more. There are so many labels and stories about the Air Jordan 11 that it is difficult to sum it up in one word. It has already surpassed the influence that a pair of sneakers can bring.

Return of the Flying Man

The story of everything starts with a decision made by Jordan at the end of the 1994-1995 season, "I am back", a simple sentence that swept the TV screens across the United States. The entire sports world, and even the entire American high street, felt a shock.

At this time, God's No. 23 jersey has been hung over the Bulls home, this time, God Jordan put on No. 45. After being away from the NBA for a period of time, he still led the team to the playoffs, the Eastern Conference semifinals, when in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Magic team led by Shaquille O'Neal and Hardaway, Jordan put on his 11th generation signature shoes - white. Air Jordan 11 in black color, no one knew that this was Air Jordan 11 when Jordan put it on, and because Jordan's back number was "45" at that time, the heel of Air Jordan 11 at that time was embroidered with white thread. On the 45th, this is also the first time that AJ11 appeared in front of the world.

Jordan's favorite sneakers

The avant-garde shape and the large area of patent leather are unforgettable. Such picturesque Air Jordan 11 sneakers are still from the hand of the great god Tinker Hatfield.

In fact, when Tinker designed the Air Jordan 11 at the beginning, he was not sure whether the flying man would wear this pair of basketball shoes. At that time, Jordan left the NBA. AJ 9 had just become an alternative that the flying man did not wear on the basketball court. Jordan himself Also didn't like the Air Jordan generation, and even after returning to the game, the shoe still didn't become a part of him. But when Tinker brought AJ11 to Jordan, Jordan fell in love with him at first sight.

Jordan himself has expressed his love for the 11th generation more than once in public. Tinker also said in a media interview that Air Jordan 11 is his most satisfactory work. It is conceivable that the Air Jordan 11 is a pair of sneakers. how perfect.