The Jordan 1s, as I think we all know, are famous. The first generation was launched in 1985, because it was named after Jordan, called "Jordan 1s", and this year was also known as the first year of AJ1 by fans.

In fact, the Jordan 1s was not much different from other sneakers at the time in terms of function, but it had a striking appearance - black and red as the main color (most of the sneakers were white at the time).

The first time that Jordan shoes really appeared in people's field of vision was in April 1985 when AJ1 was first released in six cities across the United States. Thanks to this advertisement, AJ1 earned enough attention from consumers. In the ad's big screen, Jordan leaps high towards the hoop, bending his body in a graceful posture, and then smashing the ball into the hoop.

Later, the famous ban on wearing fines made Jordan shoes a household name. On October 18, 1985, in the Bulls' game against New York, Jordan wore a red and black "Air Ship" to the game. At that time, the league stipulated that the player's shoes should be matched with the color of the shirt and trousers, and the color difference should not be too large. The league gave Nike. and Jordan with a hefty fine. As a result, the league made a free advertisement for the Nike Jordan 1s, which is also a model of an early marketing plan.

After that, the Jordan 1s series was a huge success.

In fact, the first-year Air Jordan 1 is far more than these colors. The shoe collector @dunksrnice once posted a full set of the first-year Air Jordan 1. Due to the times, it took more than ten years to collect this series of shoes. . The following series of pictures are the series of shoes released in the first year, and finally let you browse and enjoy.