#So Why Dunk SB can successfully climb to the top of the skateboard shoe list?

Besides being based on the skaters and having a good color scheme, why did Dunk SB succeed (especially by the skaters)? After all, it's not just the Dunk SB skateboard shoes!

1. Focus: Nike will put all the ads in the entire SB series, which can only be seen in the skateboard media. And the marketing rules have also changed, and the products are only sold in skate concept stores. This approach allows the skaters to see Nike's attitude towards skateboarding, and also makes the skaters prefer this shoe. (After all, excessive commercialization and excessive catering to the public will be resisted by everyone in the skateboard circle)

2. Team: The design team is important, but what I want to talk about here is the skateboard team. Only advertising is not enough, if you want to stand out among the many skateboard shoes, there are also good spokespersons! A good skateboard team to be exact (just like Ferrari has its own racing team)

In the end, Danny Supa, Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes, Gino lannucci, four skaters from different places and with different styles of skateboarding, formed the first Nike SB Team.

The difference between #Dunk and Dunk SB

1. Logo: The Dunk SB shoes have the "NIKE" logo sewn on the tongue, and the normal Dunk is the same as the old Dunk SB, and the logo on the tongue is also "NIKE". In 2005, the word NIKE SB appeared on the tongue of DUNK SB.


2007 NIKE DUNK SB LOW PRO coffee snake

2. Tongue: Dunk SB's tongue is usually several times thicker than normal Dunk. This is designed to protect skateboarders' ankles. And in its glory days, the thick tongue stuck out of the pants has become a trendy way to wear it!

Left: Dunk SB Right: Dunk