Before designing Air Jordan 6, Tinker and Jordan had an exchange. Jordan hoped that the upper should not have too many decorations, and be as simple as possible. Simple and practical has become a new idea for the design of Jordan 6. The toe of Jordan 6 is really simple and clean without any additional support, but this also causes the protection of the toe to be really bad enough. If you are stepped on the front of the foot, I am afraid your heart will It hurts more than the feet, because the swollen toe cap may never come back. The design of the shoe upper is also very simple, that is, a regular leather mix and match; the eye-catching shoelace buckle on the Jordan 5 generation has also been simplified to the greatest extent in this generation, removing the high-density transparent plastic on the outer layer. There was only a bare little button left.

In order to make it easier to put on and take off, Tinker dug two holes in the tongue of Jordan 6, where you can find a point of leverage. This tongue looks like a masked person from the front, so we generally call Jordan. The tongue of Air Jordan 6 is the tongue of masked person. In order to ensure the coordination of the appearance of the sneaker, he installed a plastic handle on the heel of the sneaker, which is like a spoiler on a sports car. It is very cool and very practical.

Regarding the old topic of the midsole configuration, the Jordan 6 is the same as the  Jordan 3, 4, and 5 designs of the forefoot Air Sole + the rear palm visible Air Sole, but after accepting Jordan’s feedback, designer Tinker Hart Field reduced the volume of the air cushion of the back palm air in order to increase the response speed of the air cushion as much as possible on the premise of providing sufficient cushioning protection. A lot of changes have also been made in the outsole.

  1. The texture is changed to a concave point type. I hope to use its own compression and deformation to enhance the grip effect. Unfortunately, the effect is not ideal. Compared with the classic herringbone pattern and herringbone pattern, it does have Not a small gap;
  2. The density of the crystal bottom has increased, resulting in the wear resistance value of the outsole +1 and the grip -1. Ordinary ultra-thin insoles + less air cushion gas capacity + more rigid outsole, Air Jordan 6's performance in terms of foot feel is really not flattering.

In the 1991 playoffs, Jordan wore Jordan 6 and defeated the Detroit Pistons, who had suppressed them for three consecutive years, and climbed to the top of the Eastern Conference championship. Then in the NBA Finals they eliminated the Lakers led by Magic Johnson 4:1 and won the O'Brien Cup for the first time. The Air Jordan 6 has also become a veritable championship boot.