The "Dark Marina Blue 2.0" Air Jordan 1, which has been exposed many times not long ago, is finally going on sale!

The Air Jordan 1 High OG has always been a masterpiece in the hearts of many sneaker players. As Michael Jordan's first signature sneaker, it is also the first generation in the Jordan Brand series of shoes. It is the most classic in history. one of the shoes. Since its inception, the Air Jordan 1 has become a timeless classic in the shoe circle. In addition to the legendary story it carries, the classic and versatile shoe type is also an important reason why it has always been loved by the public! Of course, the Jordan 1 Dark Marina Blue has become a highly anticipated existence.

The overall use of black and blue on the Air Jordan 1 Dark Marina Blue upper, it is not difficult to see the figure of the first year color matching "Royal". The significance of the black and blue color matching for Air Jordan 1 need not be said much. This setting will undoubtedly bring a superlative effect to this shoe. High topic and attention.

The biggest difference from "Royal Blue" is that the color of the toe cap and the toe cap are reversed, bringing a different black and blue color matching effect.

  • Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue 2017 

  • Air Jordan 1 Dark Marina Blue 2022

In terms of Dark Marina Blue material, the combination of lychee leather and delicate leather is selected, which shows the high specification of Air Jordan 1 as always.Many details such as shoelaces and tongues have been added with blue accents to make the overall color matching visual effect more harmonious. Finished with a white midsole and a blue outsole, again adding a sense of hierarchy to the shoe body.

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Dark Marina Blue"

Product number: 555088-404