Jordan XI - a milestone in the history of basketball shoes

Introduced in November 1995, the Jordan XI was Jordan's boot for the 95-96 season. Its development history for the Jordan series, and even the entire basketball shoes, is not just as simple as a classic. Maybe we can think of this as a watershed moment between old and new basketball shoes. If Jordan I is likened to the "originator" of basketball shoes, then Jordan XI is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes.

Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography technology to capture Jordan's movements on the court, screened and analyzed the changes of the shoes frame by frame, and made a breakthrough in using patent leather as the upper material for Jordan XI. In the midsole, a full-length carbon-plastic fiber support plate is used, which makes the whole pair of shoes reach the extreme in the index of shock absorption. It is worth noting that the built-in air cushion technology may be too soft for interior players, but it is comfortable enough for guards and small forwards. The comfortable Jordan 11 foot feel and the quick-response field feel are not inferior to any pair of sneakers that use full-length air cushion technology. The Jordan 11 outsole of the shoe is made of crystal rubber, a transparent-looking material that is compressed with synthetic rubber. It should be noted that this material is likely to oxidize and turn yellow due to long-term excessive light, but when the surface is clean, it has a strong grip. Excellent combat performance.

Since then, it has also opened up a different sneaker design, as if opening the door to a new world. The perfect combination of fashion and actual combat is still a must-have shoe for every Jordan fan to this day. AJ 11 saw the Bulls record an NBA-record 72 regular-season victories, Jordan's eighth scoring title, and a second All-Star Game MVP. When the Bulls returned to the finals this season and defeated the Western SuperSonics with a total score of 4-2, they won the NBA championship for the fourth time. Jordan was also re-elected to the finals MVP. The honor of three MVPs is Jordan. Jordan 11 is one of the pinnacle designs of the series.