The Jordan 4 has some shadows of the Jordan 3 in design, the difference is that two new attempts have been added. For the first time, the Jordan 4 upper used a combination of leather and nylon mesh. This design was very popular at the time. The main purpose was to reduce the weight of the shoe and improve the comfort of wearing. Of course, the result is poor mesh support. To make up for this, the Jordan 4 adds a retaining device that extends from the upper and connects to the laces. The Jordan 4 still uses the air cushion with exposed back palm, which has a medium capacity, which is already the air cushion with the best shockproof effect at that time.

The midsole configuration of AJ4 has not changed much, and still maintains the configuration of the front and rear separated soles) Jordan 4 uses high-durability material urabuck inside the shoe. In order to improve its breathability, the designer used a mesh material on the upper, coupled with the obvious NIKE-AIR patented air cushion, which made the style of the three-quarter gang more evolved. Most notably, the use of all black as the main design of the sneakers changed the design concept of the Jordan 4 basketball shoes. At the same time, Jordan has won the award of scoring champion for three consecutive years, and won the IBM Award for the most contribution to the team. awards.

Jordan 4 real shoes is as follows