Is AF 1 (Air Force One) worth buying?

As a footwear editor, I can tell you it's worth it. I myself also like Air Force 1 very much. Air Force One Nike Air Force 1 was first released in 1982 and designed by legendary designer Bruce Kilgore. It is still the best-seller in major shopping platforms and stores after more than 30 years. The No.1 is a veteran figure in Nike. Because of its unique design, it can not only be popular on the basketball court, but also in the fashion industry, it has also won everyone's favor. I remember a documentary that said: You can wear whatever you want, but the shoes under your feet must be dazzling. The footage then cuts to the feet of people on the street, most of whom are wearing Air force 1s in different colorways.

1. The color scheme of pure white Air force 1 can be said to be a classic among classics. It can be said to be a pair of hands, and I think the pure white Air force 1 can be said to be very stimulating for painting talent.

In terms of comfort, it is suitable for people with various foot types, and it uses Nike's classic full-length built-in air technology. Although it uses black technology, it is basically invisible. However, when a heavy partner wears it, it may give The damping feedback you brought is still there. In terms of matching Air force 1, I think whenever you open the shoe cabinet and don't know how to match your fashionable trend, it is always right to take out this pair of Air Force 1. In addition to being simple and easy to wear, there are also thick soles, which can instantly increase your height by 2 cm, haha, it can be said to be easy to wear and practical.

Boys Air force 1 pure white and wheat color I think is enough, the following is the more girly Air Force 

2. Macaron White Blue Powder Air Force One NIKE Air Force 1 Shadow White and Purple Powder New Macaron Color is summer limited. The Macaron series has been dazzling recently. I recently compared this pair. Win! Low saturation looks very comfortable.

Have you poked your girly heart? Cream purple + light pink + pure white color matching Air force 1 is very novel, very small and fresh, and too sweet, a fierce girl becomes a beautiful girl in seconds, hahaha.